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How it works

1. Gathering almost all search keywords about your niche in Google.

Based on limited information you provide (e.g., keywords, website, competitors), by using AI and our unique algorithm, we will gather almost all keywords about your niche that people have searched for on Google". Since Google is the largest search engine in the world and every keyword people searched in Google represents a real need of them. These keywords collectively reflect nearly all the needs of your niche.

2. Retreive the search volume and trends data in the past 48 months from our unique database.

Our database stores search volume data for billions of keywords in over 200 countries, and is updated in real-time from Google. Because search keywords represent people's needs, changes in search volumes reflect changes in these needs.

3. Cluster and insight the keywords and their data by AI.

People usually search for different keywords based on the same need. We will cluster these numerous keyword variants, which reflect the same need, with the help of AI. You can have a more accurate understanding of trends in your niche in this way. You could even chat with AI, let AI give you some conclusion based on this data.


Skip the Boring Keyword Research, Get Straight to the Insights!

🎁 $100 off for the first 1000 customers (19 left)

Starter Plan

Pay once. Not subscribe.




Get Insight

What's included:

  • 1 user to Dashboard
  • 1 Country or Worldwide insight
  • Up to 12 months of data
  • Insights from at least 10000 keywords.
  • Email and chat support
  • Insight Dashboard
  • All raw keywords data and search volume data
  • Data update

Pro Plan

Pay monthly, continuous updates.




Get Insight

What's included:

  • 5 users to Dashboard
  • 3 Countries or Worldwide or Specific Cities insight
  • Up to 48 months of data
  • Insights from at least 30000 keywords
  • Email and chat support
  • Insight Dashboard
  • All raw keywords data and search volume data
  • Customized insight dimensions
  • Customized dashboard use your own custom domains
  • Exclusive GPT integrated with our unique search volume database
  • Keyword and Data update monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is GoTrends Insight different?

1. We gain insights not based on individual keywords, but on a multitude of keywords that represent the same needs. Different individuals may search for different keywords, even if their actual needs are the same.
2. We cluster and gain insights into keywords based on the underlying needs they represent, or in the other world, intention, rather than relying on simple word inclusion relationships.
3. We provide insights based on almost all the keywords in your niche, which you couldn't get from other tools.

Is the data from GoTrends Insight reliable?

Yes, GoTrends Insight's data comes directly from Google. We have built a database to store billions of keywords' data in over 200 countries, and we update this data in real-time from Google. All insights are based on the latest data available.

What do I get exactly?

1. All raw data, including keywords and their search volume data, are used for insights.
2. A dashboard displays insights into the trends of each of your niches, keeping updated based on the plan you are involved in.

What do I need to use GoTrends Insight?

To use GoTrends insight, you only need to provide some information about your niche (e.g., keywords, website, competitors).

How do you deliver?

After purchased, you will receive an E-mail, that will illustrate all things detailly, including the username and password of the dashboard.

Can I get a refund?

Once delivered, all the keywords, data and insight is yours, forever, so it can't be refunded.