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Search keywords represent the real needs of users and hold tremendous opportunities. At the same time, search keywords are also the golden key to gaining traffic growth.

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GoTrends can help for

Find Business ideas

Every search keyword represents a real user demand, and GoTrends helps you discover great business ideas from these keywords.

Keyword Research

Based on a large number of relevant keywords and accurate traffic data, keyword research will become easier and more convenient.


More keywords mean more traffic. By covering more rising trends with low competition keywords through GoTrends, we provide SEO and ASO traffic.

Search Advertising

The number of keywords used in advertising is directly proportional to the effectiveness of the campaign. Use GoTrends to find high-traffic, low-cost words for advertising purposes.

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We only provide the most accurate and authentic data.

All search volume, competition level, and CPC bidding data in GoTrends are directly sourced from Google Ads, certified by Google official, and can be trusted as reliable. You can use these data to assess the search trend and competition of a keyword.

Search Volume

The accurate search volume for the past 48 months.


The accurate level of competition and CPC price range.

Covering over 200 countries and regions and more than 50 languages.

You can explore keyword trends in 200 countries and 50 languages using GoTrends, uncovering hidden customer demands and traffic insights.

  • 200+ nations and regions
  • 50+ language support.
  • Switch anytime, anywhere.
  • Focus on the local market.
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Discover thousands of relevant keywords.

Do keyword research of thousands of relevant keywords, and find keywords with increasing search volume, low competition, and affordable prices. Use these keywords to drive traffic or develop products.

Batch Generation

With Accurate Data

All data in GoTrends can be exported as CSV files.

You can export all the data in GoTrends as a CSV file for saving, sharing, or further analysis.

  • All the related keywords.
  • Search Volume in the last 48 months.
  • CPC data.
  • Competition.
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Available on iPhone/iPad or Mac with Apple Silicon, if you don't have Apple's device, please join waitlist for GoTrends Web.